First Steps: Back to Basics

It can be scary to go to a new gym or start a new type of workout. We get it. We've been in your shoes. Maybe you're afraid you won't be able to complete the workout. Maybe you're afraid you won't know what to do, and you'll look silly. Maybe you'd really like to try a dance class, but you think you have two left feet.

At Mugwamps, we have ALL been in your shoes. Even your instructors started out scared on the back row of a class somewhere. To help ease your fears and encourage you to come see what we are all about, we will be offering a NEW First Steps class one Sunday evening each month.

Each First Steps class will focus on a particular class style and take you through the basic moves for that class. For example, a First Steps boot camp class would show you safe, effective ways to do a burpee, and then show you the modifications you can use if you're unable to complete the advanced move. A First Steps dance class would break down the basic moves commonly used in our routines, and then build those moves step-by-step into a dance we do during our regular classes.

First Steps is the perfect introduction for beginners, but it is also good for members who need a refresher course in form or who might be intimidated to try a new class style out of their comfort zone.

Our first First Steps class will be held on Sunday, July 16, at 7:30 p.m. and will cover body sculpting and boot camp styles. Sign up on Mindbody, or contact us for more information. Call (970) 371-7611 or message us on Facebook.

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