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Youth Policy

One of the most frequent questions we receive is regarding the availability of on-site child care at the studio. Mugwamps Fitness does not have child care available. However, all of our instructors and many of our members are moms, and we understand that sometimes you may need to bring your child with you, or you won't be able to work out. While we never mind your children tagging along, for liability purposes and for the courtesy of the other women in attendance, we do ask that you please ensure the following rules are followed:

1. Children are not allowed to use or sit on any equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, exercise balls, dumbbells, "Chocolate Thunder" and "Bumblebee." This is for your child's own safety.

2. Please have children stay off of the floor where ladies are working out. They may sit in the office, on the mats by "Bumblebee" if it is not in use, or against the back wall. This is for the safety of our clients and your child.

3. Children under the age of 12 are asked not to participate in any classes except those specified as a youth class. Our classes are not designed for children.

4. Children 12 to 17 are welcome to participate, but must have a youth liability waiver on file with the studio. Youth class rates are available: $4 drop-in rate, $40 for 10 classes or $30 for 6 month contract.

5. If your child is being loud and disruptive to you, he/she is likely being loud and disruptive to the other women in attendance and/or the instructor as well so please stop and soothe/talk to your child.

6. Remember you and your children are ALWAYS welcome! We love you and your family being a part of Mugwamps, but just like home, we have a few "rules" in place to keep everyone safe and happy!

Thanks for your understanding & cooperation.

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