Be Strong. Be Confident.


Mugwamps Fitness


About Mugwamps Fitness

Mugwamps Fitness LLC is about more than just physical fitness. It is about encouraging each woman to become her best self. 

So why Mugwamps?
Since Meagan was a little girl, one of the most influential people in her life, her grandfather, gave her the special nickname “Mugwamp.”

A “mugwump” is someone who breaks from tradition, someone who is independent and has the confidence to go her own way in pursuit of what she thinks is right. 

Mugwamps Fitness embodies the fierce love it takes to build women up and it honors the independence and self-confidence each woman needs to find her own way.

At Mugwamps Fitness, we offer a variety of fitness classes, adaptable for all levels of fitness, to help and encourage you on your journey to fitness. 

Each of our instructors has a unique story, as does each lady who comes through our doors. Mugwamps honors the individuality of every woman, and we take pride in an atmosphere that encourages, motivates, and supports women without judgment. Join us to see how we can help you find your way to fit.



Be Strong. Be Confident. BeYOUtiful.


Meagan Early

Personal Trainer


Meagan Early is an ACE certified personal trainer and the owner of Mugwamps Fitness. Her class offerings include Yoga, Bootcamp Express, Abs and Angles, Stretch and Strength, Body Sculpting, and more.

Amy Lucas

Group Fitness Instructor


Amy Lucas is an NETA certified group fitness instructor. Amy's class offerings include Dance Fitness, Circuit Training, HIIT, Body Sculpting, Kickboxing, Fight Club, Bootcamp, and more.

Maria Meier

Group Fitness Instructor


Maria is an NETA certified group fitness instructor. Her classes include kickboxing, bootcamp, HIIT, circuit training, and more.

Jennifer Nigh

Group Fitness Instructor

Jennifer is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor. Her classes include Bootcamp, Bootcamp Express, Body Sculpting, HIIT, Dance Fitness, and more.

Courtney McCoy

Yoga Instructor


Courtney is a yoga teacher whose style is a mix of Hatha and Vinyasa flow. As a Registered Nurse, she has an enriched appreciation of yoga's holistic approach to health.



Getting Here:

We are located at the south end of the complex on the west side of Piedmont Road near the intersection of Piedmont Road and Edmond Road.

Our Address:

113 Monroe Ave Nw

Piedmont, Oklahoma 73078


(970) 371-7611

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